Saturday, September 5, 2009

week 23: plumbing & electrical installations

This week, most of the plumbing and lighting fixtures were installed. It’s incredible how close we are to being done. We still have the flooring and base moulding, wet bar, cellar racks, AV set up, window treatments and furniture to go, but the end is in sight.

Aaron of Portland Metro Electric installed all the recessed lighting, receptacles, switches and most of the cover plates. He also installed the ceiling-mounted fixtures in the majority of the rooms. We’ll have to pinpoint the exact location of the wall sconces before he can put them up. I also can’t wait for the cellar light to arrive so he can install it. Aaron still has the exterior lights and outlets, fans, door-activated closet lights and a few recessed can trims to go, but those will all go pretty fast.

The most precious fixture is the little one in the laundry room. It’s an antique fixture from Rejuvenation. The light is low-profile at a mere 2”, which leaves plenty of headroom. It puts out a lot of light for a tiny fixture, making sure that the room is cheery and bright. It also matches the Marmoleum flooring and wall color. Nothing could have been more perfect. Thanks to Amy of the Restored Lighting & Hardware Department at Rejuvenation for all her assistance! I'll have to get a better photo when the flooring goes in; this one just does not do it justice!

Daniil of Anctil Plumbing spent a day installing the shower valves, console sink and laundry sink. He’ll return later to install the toilet, laundry faucet, and wet bar sink and faucet. So far, everything looks fabulous!

The Rebuilding Center stopped by for the last of our donations. They were able to take the old doors, jambs, APA sheathing, electrical panel, an old work bench, lumber, millwork, siding and other building material scraps. They are helping us minimize landfill. We love that place!

Erik our contractor of Ostmo Construction has been by everyday this week keeping an eye on things. He hauled everything to the dumpster, helped install some of the lighting, and leveled the top of the footings as they had stuck up above the floor’s surface. Such personalized service! Now the floor is all ready for the finish flooring.

Tune in next time for flooring installation!


  1. Great blog. I found it on the Rejuvenation site. I have learned a lot. I am about to remodel a bungalow as well.
    Couple questions.
    1. Where did you get the console bath sink and faucet?
    2. What color do you plan to paint the exterior?

  2. hi nell,

    thank you so much for your interest in our project. as you can imagine, things are quite hectic at the moment, so i am very sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

    the sink is one of my favorites from porcher: the lutezia.

    the faucet is from jado's 818 series.

    we have a hexagonal/faceted fixture theme going on in that bath, and both the sink and faucet fit the bill. in addition, the toilet, floor tile, wall light, fan grille and cab knobs will all be hexagonal as well.

    i usually get my plumbing supplies from a-boy in hollywood, but i think the contractor got these from chown.

    for the exterior paint, we used miller paint colors as follows. the tricky part was figuring out all the sheens:
    ~wooden oar on the upper shingles
    ~muddy river on the lower siding
    ~heartwood on the sashes
    ~tequila on the trim
    ~turned earth on the garage and exterior doors.

    if you have any more questions or need assistance with your own project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    check out the latest blog update: finish flooring!

    caryn urata architect |

  3. Wow! Perfect timing! Thanks so much for sharing information about your choices.
    I love the sink! I have a small bungalow. This sink is just the right width, height and style.
    I will definitely check out the paint colors as well.
    Appreciate the help!
    Congratulations on such a beautiful bungalow.
    I will stayed tuned to see how it all turns out.
    Thanks again!