Saturday, January 16, 2010

weeks 35- 42: more furnishings

It’s been s l o o o w-going these last few weeks. In fact, this entry spans work done in the past eight weeks. Although the pace of the end of the project should not surprise those of you familiar to remodeling, nevertheless it is very agonizing to be this close and still not be done.

We already had our first house guests. They report that their accommodations were very nice and comfortable. Usually I tell my clients not to make the spare room too cozy, lest you encourage longer-than-desired visits. In our case, we needed the extra space, and thus did an all-out remodel in which the new rooms matched the detailing of the existing spaces on the main floor.

Andy of Anctil Plumbing stopped by and repaired the mysterious humming in our plumbing lines. Whenever we turned on the hot water at the kitchen faucet, new bath handheld wand or the washer, the existing pedestal sink would hum. If we turned off the pedestal’s hot water supply, the humming would stop. It was very strange. Andy determined that it was due to pressure building up whenever a fixture was turned on. The excess pressure caused the two ceramics discs in the pedestal’s hot water cartridge (handle) to vibrate very quickly, producing the humming noise. He took the cartridge apart, cleaned it out, reassembled it and voila! No humming! He also showed us how to drain our irrigation system manually. Now, we don’t have to call a professional to winterize the lines. Thanks Andy!

A big kudos to Bill Anctil of Anctil Plumbing. He was extremely proactive in taking care of the mysterious humming. It’s rare to find an owner of a company taking so much interest in a single client, and following through on the job. We love Bill!

Wendy of Bolliger Window Fashions came back to install the last bit of return on the blinds. At the time of the initial installation, one of the mitered returns was damaged. Wendy easily slipped the new piece into place.

We ordered a Chilewich floor mat for the upstairs landing from Relish. It is the perfect size, color and thickness. It also needed to be tough enough to be an entry mat but comfy under foot. We still are looking for a good entry mat at the mudroom door.

After three months, our couch finally arrived from Z Gallerie. We were very impressed by the delivery men from WDI. They were able to think through the conundrum of getting a sectional past a railing, down some stairs and through a door without damaging the furniture, door, exterior light or the house. Although we did make sure that the selected furniture would fit, one never really knows until the sofa is sitting on the lawn. I am glad we got a sectional, did not opt for the larger couch, and did not get the sleeper sofa. Whew!

I picked up an ottoman from Rejuvenation. It can store blankets and remote controls, is the perfect size and is sturdy enough on which to put a cup and saucer but soft enough on which to rest your feet. Aaron was most helpful and made the transaction so fast and easy. Who knew you could just walk into a store and come out with a furniture purchase in under 30 minutes. Thanks, Aaron. We love it!

We finally hung a print that has been just sitting on the dining room plate rail. It complements the neutral tones of the family room very well. I can't wait to get a throw pillow that will help tie all the tones together.

Lastly, I grabbed some used lateral files from this great second-hand office furniture store called Portland Office Furniture. At first I was overwhelmed at how much stuff there was, but then realized that these guys are keeping all this out of landfills. How sustainable! I am still looking for a bookshelf and desk. Used, of course.

We also populated the wet bar and are continuing to stock the cellar. Time to celebrate!

Some time recently, Pacific Power stopped by to lock the electric meter and remove the woody vines that had taken over the electrical supply mast. We are glad that the vines are no longer entwined around our electrical lines.

We finally heard from ecohaus about the mis-installed floating wood floor. The floor still deflects 1/8” or more in a couple of spots, which voids the manufacturer’s warranty. After nearly three months, we are happy that a consensus was made and that the flooring will be redone at no cost to us or the contractor. The new flooring and associated repair work should take one to two weeks to complete. Hopefully, everything will be in good working order before the home tour in early March.

Tune in next time for the last 5%, we hope!