Sunday, August 30, 2009

week 22: more finish carpentry & interior trim painting

Dana of Guillory Construction custom-made a couple of louvered grilles that will help ventilate the AV Room. As the equipment will make the room rather warm, the vents along with a ceiling fan will help keep things cool. Dana also refabricated the open shelving for the AV Room. Now all the woodwork is done and ready for paint.

Pablo and Pancho of Aspen Painting, LLC finished the final caulking and paint prep on the last of the woodwork. They primed then sanded all the woodwork in the basement and on the stairs. They finished the interior painting, but will return for touch ups.

With all the fumes, it’s been a little stinky this week. We went with oil paint for the cabinets and trim because it has a more durable finish that is longer lasting and easier to maintain. Although low VOC products are more environmental, they require to be redone sooner (think sanding, masking, painting, gasoline for travel). Neither option is necessarily more eco-friendly than the other in my opinion.

Pablo and Pancho also painted the front porch and stairs, as well as the backside of our garage. The exterior painting is also now complete. We will have them return to paint the backside of the neighbor’s garage as it faces our yard.

We could not have asked for a harder working crew. And their work is excellent to boot. Prior to the new exterior paint job six weeks ago, our house had looked a little worse for wear. After Vitaly’s team finished, the house seems almost happier and looks a lot newer. Wow, what a difference!

Ron Cowan of Stellar Cellars stopped by to measure the cellar for the wine racks. We cannot wait to see the Brazilian Cherry racks installed and are very excited! Everything is starting to come together.

Tune in next time for plumbing & electrical installations!

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