Saturday, September 12, 2009

week 24: flooring

Alex of Crestwood Inc. installed the last of the wood cabinets in the kitchen, and it looks fabulous! The full-height cabinet will provide much-needed storage for our tiny kitchen. It will house the microwave, cookbooks and stereo in the open shelves above, and pantry items in the drawers below. It will look more finished when it gets trimmed out next week.

Daniil of Anctil Plumbing made another appearance to remove the laundry sink and water heater so that the flooring could be installed correctly. He’ll return immediately to reinstall the sink and water heater, then come back later in a week or two to install the rest of the plumbing fixtures.

Chuck of ecohaus spent a good deal of time preparing the floors for the finish flooring. To make the existing concrete floor smoother and flatter, he applied primer then self-levelling concrete in one area of the basement, and grounded, patched, filled and skim-coated other sections. He installed the Marmoleum sheet flooring in the laundry room, AV room, mudroom and closets and floated the hardwoods at the wet bar. We reviewed the mudroom floor design and layout very carefully as we wanted to avoid unsightly seams. Chuck masterfully mitered the corners in the framed border pattern of the mudroom. All the designing and planning paid off as there are almost no seams in his work. Next week he'll float the cork tiles in the cellar and install the thresholds.

Tune in next time for more finish flooring, wet bar install & more finish carpentry!

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