Wednesday, August 11, 2010

week 70: phase 2: prepping the bath floor

I swung by Bliss Restoration to pick up the newly powder-coated heat floor vent. They did an excellent job at the fraction of the cost of a new vent cover. I am glad we reused the old cover as we prevented more landfill and did not have to go through the hassle of making a new custom cover. If we had left the cover as is, it would look very dilapidated against the new floor tile.

Brian of Anctil Plumbing arrived to remove the pedestal sink and toilet. He’ll return after the tile is set to reinstall the fixtures.

Yuri of Art Touch Construction spent a whole day removing the old floor tile and sanitary cove base. It took some skill to leave the newer wall tile and millwork intact. It is amazing to see the original lath at the walls and the screen on the floor. Wow!

Unfortunately, we pulled the trigger a little too soon on the tiling. Pratt & Larson was having some quality control issues and did not have the tile ready when promised. Although we appreciate their high standards of their exquisite handmade tile, it did cramp all of our schedules. Still, their tile is so beautiful, it’ll be worth the wait.

We weren’t able to locate one of our bath hooks after the painters left, and ended up ordering a new replacement pair. Unfortunately, they are not in the desired finish. We’ll have Bliss Restoration plate them in Polished Nickel to match the other hardware in the bath.

Something else that seems to be missing is a closet door strike plate. Finding the right door strike is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. The strike needs to fit the mortise lock on the leaf side as well as the precut holes on the jamb side. We stopped by the Rebuilding Center and Rejuvenation with limited success. Next, I’ll try looking for them at Old Portland Hardware or Salvage Works. While we’re at it, we are also in the process of making sure that the rest of the doors properly latch close.

We’re getting really close now. Besides the tile and hardware from Phase 2, we are awaiting some final paint touch-ups and warranty work to be completed from Phase 1.

Tune in next time for tiling the bath floor and arrival of the armoire!

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