Monday, July 26, 2010

week 67: phase 2: interior painting done!

Leo the painter of C++ Construction and German his assistant spent a couple days prepping then applying two coats of no VOC paint on the ceilings and walls of the two bedrooms, hall and bath. They reassembled all the cabinets and doors and hardware. The last day they removed all the tarps, paper and plastic and cleaning. The rooms and cabinets were spotless when they left. Their work, effort, care and cleanliness cannot be beat and are truly appreciated. Thanks Leo & German! We’ll see them in a few weeks after the floor tile is done in the bath as the walls will need to be touched up. In the meantime, we are currently refitting and looking for some of the window, door and cabinetry hardware. We’ll post another round of after photos when the new armoire from Falcon Designs arrives next month.

Tune in next time for tile prep of the bath floor!

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