Wednesday, May 19, 2010

weeks 54-60: phase 2 has begun!

Even though we have not finished Phase 1 completion of the basement, we’re rolling right into Phase 2. We had planned to wait a couple of years between phases, but decided to get things done sooner rather than later. As the tasks and scale are minor in scope, we opted to manage this portion ourselves.

We secured bids from the subcontractors: Tom Anctil of Anctil Heating & Cooling came by to price out the AC condenser install. During Phase 1, we had prepped the electrical for the AC unit so the install should be easy. And it was easy. Jeff of Anctil has already come out and installed the condenser. Scheduling during the off-season meant they were available immediately. Tom also made sure we got a great deal. We are now set for the summer. Thanks so much, Tom. We love you and Anctil Heating & Cooling!

Pete of Classic Sash & Door also returned to fix the last two sashes. We should have had him fix them while he was here the first time and fixing the other sashes. When he was leaving, Pete noticed that there were only 2 of 4 screws holding the escutcheon to the front door and promptly fixed it. He also tuned the lock and oiled the hinges with Tri-Flow. Remember to NEVER use WD-40 or liquid graphite on the hinges.

Dana the finish carpenter of Guillory Construction will install the
picture moulding in one bedroom, spiffy up the built-in cabinets that have settled over the last 100 years, build a tall wood fence for privacy and an enclosure to screen the AC condenser from view, make an end table out of an existing log, install more built-ins and cut a cat door into the laundry room for the recently rescued “Benicio del Gatto.” We thought long and hard how to “hide” Benny’s entry and still keep the charm of the place. Stay tuned…you will be surprised!

Leo of C++ Construction will remove the last of the wallpaper and paint 4.5 rooms.

Yuri of Art Touch Construction retile bathroom floor on the main floor.

I have been busy selecting interior paint colors, tile, electrical fixtures and cabinet hardware, and hope to have everything specified by mid-month. Goodness, I better get cracking! We were able to take advantage Rejuvenation’s latest sale. We saved a bundle on lighting, cabinetry and electrical hardware. Thanks, Rejuvenation!

Most of all, we are excited to have Robert Theiss of Falcon Designs make our custom cherry armoire for the Master Bedroom. Several years ago, he made the dresser, bed and night stands. We are looking forward to having him craft a matching armoire. Robert has already begun and anticipates completion by the end of July. How exciting!

Sadly, our bathroom remodel did not make the cut for HGTV’s "Bang for Your Buck." Better luck next time.

Tune in next time for final material selection and the start of demolition, we hope!


  1. Thanks for mentioning who you used to do the work for you and whether they did a good job! It will probably help us as we're shopping around looking for contractors/craftsmen. I'm looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures.

  2. glad to help! i always try to pass along the name of people who do great work. they are so hard to find these days.