Wednesday, May 12, 2010

weeks 50-55: still going…sort of

There’s been miscellaneous work that has occurred recently. Shiloh of Classic Sash & Door stopped by to fit the wood screen replacements. If you recall, one of them was defective and had to be remade. Another arrived too short. While he was here, Shiloh also fixed a couple of the misattached screen hooks and loosened the storms that had been painted shut.

Vitally of Aspen Painting came by to pick up the new screens so that he can paint them in his shop. He’s already dropped them off, so we can change out the storms to screens when it gets a bit warmer.

Daniel of Premier Plus Construction, Inc. installed insulation in the floor under the stair landing. This space had originally been a porch that had been enclosed over the years. We completed the finish work when we transformed it into the new stairwell.

Erik of Ostmo Construction secured the insulation into the ceiling joists at the unfinished storeroom and caulked the threshold at the exterior door to the Mudroom.

Phase 1 took much longer than anticipated. Originally, we were told that it would take 4-5 months to construct the basement. So far we are at a year and six weeks. We are currently waiting on some of the final carpentry, electrical and painting. There’s really not a whole lot to do now. Honest!

Tune in next time for the start of Phase 2!

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