Monday, November 16, 2009

week 33: tropical beginnings

This morning I was happy to see the port-a-potty go, as it is proof that the project is near completion.

The guest bed arrived, and I promptly put on the new linens. The room will have an island tropical theme with a little bit of kitsch. So far, we just have the linens and the one requisite hula picture.

Dana of Guillory Construction installed the linen cab chain stops, tweaked the med cab and water shut off doors and attached magnetic stops for them, fabricated one more AV shelf, made a finish piece for the laundry chute, installed the mail slot, re-sat the screen door and fine-tuned the screen door hardware. He installed a floor stop that mimics the shape of the light shade overhead. What made us happiest this week was the new adjustable shelving Dana made for some previously underutilized built-ins. With all the new cupboard space, we now have ample storage space. The finish carpentry is now done!

Daniil of Anctil Plumbing installed the spigot to the irrigation. We now have to determine how to bypass the backflow valve in order to drain the irrigation lines before winter comes.

We heard from the HBA that our house will be on the 2010 Tour of Remodeled Homes, so mark your calendars for the weekend of March 6 & 7, 2010. You too can see this project and many others in person. It should be an exciting tour.

Tune in next time for the final inspection!

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