Sunday, November 1, 2009

week 31: moving in already???

Now it gets difficult as a homeowner because the project is close to being done, people are not here everyday and you want to move in but can’t because work still needs to be done. I guess our contractor, Erik of Ostmo Construction, felt sorry for us as the project is taking much longer than originally planned. He let us start moving in while working on the punch list. We were very glad to start putting things near their intended locations, clearing out our over-stuffed garage, and cleaning up and filling the storage room. Thank you very much!

Erik also put in a temporary light on the front porch as it has been getting dark of late. This fixture will eventually go on the garage. He dropped off the cabinet pulls for the wet bar, which I installed. I tried to match the adjacent appliance pulls and found several options in all price ranges. These give the most bang for the buck. And check out the soft-close toilet seat cover. Very nice!

We had a bit of bad news this week. The floating floor at the wet bar is deflecting so much in two spots that it voids the manufacturer’s warranty and will have to be replaced. The trick will be to minimize the collateral damage to the nearby cabinets, painted walls and finish trim. Erik is coordinating with ecohaus who did the installation. Hopefully, the matter can be resolved in a timely manner.

Dana of Guillory Construction put in a bead at the medicine cabinet door to mimic a more traditional way to hold the mirror in place. I don’t know why, but I have an aversion to those plastic little mirror tabs. He also put in the cutest little magnet catch at the electrical panel. Although tiny, it is very strong.

Daniel and Ralph of Premier Plus Construction, Inc. started the fixes on the neighbor's garage. It was a little worse for wear, as seen in the "before" photo (lower left). They’ll get the wall back onto its foundation and strengthen the structure a little before the cosmetic fixes and painting are done. They also rehung one of our sagging gutters. The elbow still needs to be attached.

Pablo and Pancho of Aspen Painting, LLC touched up the interior paint. We spent a good deal of time scanning the walls, ceiling and trim looking for dings and slight imperfections. It’s not that they did a poor job initially; walls, ceiling and trim get bumped during the project and need to be touched up at the end. It looks fabulous now. They also spent some time removing the paint drips from the driveway and egess window wells. Thanks guys!

Tune in next time for the window blinds installation!

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