Monday, October 5, 2009

week 27: tile, hardwood flooring & cellar rack installations; final plumbing too!

Erik our contractor of Ostmo Construction put back the washer and dryer. Along with the laundry sink, they had been removed from the laundry room for the flooring install. I can’t believe we went three-and-a-half weeks without the washer and dryer. Well, it wasn’t that bad, as our neighbors graciously let us do several loads of laundry at their place. What great neighbors we have!

Ron Cowan of Stellar Cellars was on hand to oversee the installation of the wine cellar racking. He and Chris did a great job on the finish work as well. The Brazilian cherry wine racks are a glorious sight to see. It'll look even more fabulous once the counter top is placed on the center display. Now we need to start up the cooling unit and buy more wine.

With the compressor fixed, Peter of Classico Marmo was able to cut the granite and install the wet bar counter. He'll return to seal this slab and install a similar one in the wine cellar. We were very fortunate to catch Peter in a slow period, as he was able to get in and out in just over a week’s time. He also had a slab of granite in his warehouse that was very similar to the existing stone in the kitchen. Talk about luck!

Daniil of Anctil Plumbing installed the wet bar faucet, adjustable shower bar and showerhead in the basement and replaced the risers for the main floor basin and toilet. He'll return to put in the wet bar drain later.

A big thank you to Scott Foster of A-Boy Plumbing and Electrical Supply in Hollywood for all their help in selecting and specifying the plumbing fixtures. Scott was even able to suggest a better sink as an alternate when the one I had specified could not be on site in time. The new bath room, wet bar and laundry room look awesome! I couldn’t have done it without your generous assistance and expertise.

Yuri the tile setter of Art Touch Construction laid and grouted the tile at the wet bar. He also removed out a misdrilled tile in the shower. Upstairs, he cut out the old mildew-y grout between the tub and tile and caulked it. Now the upstairs bath looks new as well. With that, the tile work is complete.

Andrei and Val of Vic’s Hardwood Company installed the red oak on the stair landing and stained the landing and stair treads. They'll come back to seal the stairs once all the other work is done. This could possibly have been the smallest job ever for them. We really appreciate them coming out to do the job!

Chuck of ecohaus installed the custom transition strip between the hardwood and carpet. I was a little disappointed that the wood floor sinks in a couple spots when walked on but was told this is normal. Oh well. Dana of Guillory Construction had handmade the beautiful transition strips. Dana also installed the base moulding and shoe. Jonathan and Sean of ecohaus prepped for the carpet in the two bedrooms, closets and family room. They filled in the footing holes and laid the tack strips, and will return next week to install the carpet.

Aaron of Portland Metro Electric installed the ceiling fan timers, more of the light fixtures.

Cliff of NW Glass Specialties returned to install the shower door. How magnifique!

Tune in next time for final flooring, electrical & finish carpentry!

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