Sunday, January 11, 2009

welcome to bungalow remodel pdx!

A few years ago, we bought a one-story 1915 bungalow. The modest two-bed one-bath home had a well-kept interior and wonderfully landscaped yard. As if the beautifully updated kitchen and bath, hardwood floors, box-beam and coved ceilings, original built-ins and arbor were not enough, the real selling point of the home was the full, unfinished basement. At 1500 sf, the original home was a little small for us, but we could easily double the area by finishing the basement.

After a couple of years of hemming and hawing, I finally completed the drawings and specifications for the basement project. Although it’s true that working full-time designing and remodeling my clients’ homes did leave little time at the end of the day to work on our own project, the real reason for the delay is that architects make the worst clients. I somehow felt compelled to run through all possible design and finish options. I could not stop even as the contractors were bidding. Design is a never-ending process.

The project is now getting underway, and we are all very excited. Please join us as we remodel our bungalow!

Tune in next time for waterproofing the basement!

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